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Sound Recording and Engineering

Sound recording is a mechanical conservation of sound. Usually, the aim of sound recording in film is to entertain audiences. However, sound recording is also used for giving a particular touch to a sad or fighting scene. Nowadays, sound engineering has occupied a significant position like visual engineering in film and television field. The responsibility of a sound engineering is to understand the significance of the sound track. Sound and symbol are complimentary to each other. They share a symbiotic relationship. Sound recording and engineering is a challengeable job. Students who look forward to making career in sound engineering The Digital Academy is the best option for them. The academy offers sound and recording engineering course.

The course is designed with the purpose of providing complete knowledge about sound recording. The course content and practical exercises enhance students' basic skills required for sound recording. Digital Academy students are taught the importance of sound in our everyday life. The academy has good faculty for teaching this course. The faculty teaches both features of recording, creative and technical. Students are given certain practical exercises on creative and technical recording process.

Since self learning is very important, the academy makes students work independently. However, it provides all learning needs. Students are provided with professional equipments as to give practical experience. Upon completing this kind of practical exercises, students are able to work in the real work situation such as working in sound recording industry.

The course duration of sound recording & engineering is 10 months. The time duration is divided into two parts namely theory and practical. The practical consists of 5 and half months, the theory consists of 4 and half months. The film institute commences its course with theory classes which are of four and half months. The following modules shall be covered during the course.

  • Microphones
  • Sound Theory
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Stereo and Surround Sound
  • Microphones
  • Basic Electronics
  • Digital Technology
  • Studio Acoustic Design
  • Signal Processing


Microphone is one of the sound equipments which are used in tape recorders, telephones, motion picture production, hearing aids, audio engineering, radio and TV broadcasting, etc. The work of microphone is to turn sound into an electrical wave. There are various kinds of microphones which are:

  • Condenser Microphone
  • Ribbon Microphone
  • Dynamic Microphone

The Digital Academy students are taught about various microphones as mentioned above. Students learn about classification of microphones. They are given practical exercises to hone their skills. Students are taught about microphone with theory and practical and the most important part is its application to live projects. This course incorporates topics like technical specification of microphones. Students are given practice on how to select appropriate microphone for a particular project.

  • Digital Audio Workstations
  • Signal Processing
  • Sound Theory

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