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Screen Play Writing

Script writing is one of the best professions in the field of film industry. Writing script is just like creating a blue print design of a house or shop. A film script is all about a verbal blue print of planned film. This blue print shows the sequence of events in a story. It consists of dialogues and visual treatment and style. It is next to impossible to make a film without a script. It can be said that script plays a vital role in film making process.

The importance of script has been realized by many prominent film makers. If there is no good script, then no film can be made. The well known and skilled director assesses the script first and only then do they begin work on film making. Script writers have immense value and script writing is most demanded profession in Hollywood. A good script writer is always preferred. Like Hollywood, there are scriptwriters in great demand in Bollywood too. The Hindi and Marathi Film Industries are well established in India. The business of Bollywood is really admirable. The courses on script writing are taken by many students. This indicates demand of script writers in the market.

Digital Academy-The Film Making School offers scriptwriting course. The course alleges that scriptwriting is a foundation of any filmmaking. The course is designed with the purpose of providing ample knowledge of script writing. The course consists of independent learning exercises and a bottomless appreciation of film techniques. The course class is conducted twice a week. in free time, students are given some practical exercises and encouraged to do creative work. They are guided to write innovative screen plays. Books based on writing are provided to students.

Students are shown films in free time. This facilitates students to write good film script. During writing exercises, students are guided to enhance their writing skills. The Digital Academy offers screenplay writing course. The duration of this course is 3 months. It consists of 26 sessions. The course classes are held twice a week.

The film school believes in independent learning. In fact, it is one of the best ways of learning by doing yourself. This self learning helps students to come up with new ideas. As a result, they can create original screenplay. This is what the school wants students to do. In order to make students good writers, the film school asks them to work in the following steps such as articulate, synopsis, treatment, outline and finally screenplay. The Digital Academy has introduced the screenwriting software called Final Draft.

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