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Digital Academy offers unique course of acting. Students are assigned projects to enhance acting skills. They are given an opportunity to develop interpersonal skills by working together on projects. These projects include:

  • Dubbing
  • Facing the Camera
  • Final project


Dubbing aims at rerecording dialogues spoken during a filmmaking process. Dubbing comes in postproduction process where original sound is replaced or modify to improve acoustic quality. Sometimes, it is very necessary to rerecord actor's voice to match a dialogue with an action. Digital Academy teaches lip movements required for a particular interaction. The practical exercise is very important to become perfect in the dialogue delivery.

Facing the Camera

A good actor knows how to perform a given role perfectly. Students are taught how to act before the camera. A perfect actor has to be accustomed to acting in front of the camera. Digital Academy teaches students the perfect use of body language, position and look in relation with a scene. To face the camera and at the same time follow camera related instruction is relatively difficult task. That is the reason actors have to rehearse a number of times. digital Academy students are taught how to give a perfect shot. With the help of the assigned project, students are trained to improve their acting skills, which facilitate them to meet the professional standard of the entertainment industry.

Final Project

After completing two projects, dubbing and facing the camera, students are required to complete the final project. In this project, students are provided live environment of shooting with sets, cameras, etc. Students are given an opportunity to work together to creative an innovative project. The project work helps students to perform better on the job.

Career Opportunities

There are many career options in the entertainment industry. However, acting is the most appealing option. Almost everyone tries to become an actor but few succeed. Career in acting is fantastic job. It fascinates everyone who comes to film industry to try his or her luck. Acting is not only related to perform a leading role in a film and becoming a superstar but it is related to perform any kind of role. A good actor always gives justice to his/her work. Theatre is a good arena for novice actors to perform a role. Some of the prominent actors realize that performing in a theater and a film are different. During a performance, an actor has to consider some important points as mentioned below.

  • Lighting
  • Lensing
  • Look
  • Body orientation
  • Mise-en-scene
  • Mark
  • Position

Digital Academy offers special training to students to acquire above discussed points. The aim of acting course is to enhance students' skills and help them to become perfect in their respective professional. The objective of acting course is not only to produce heroes and heroines but also to furnish good actors who can explore their caliber to any kind of role. Students are encouraged to execute challenging responsibility in any genre of films. Digital Academy puts all efforts together to carve bright future of every student.

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