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Producer Course

A film producer is someone who produces scenes for making film. The responsibility of a producer is to coordinate crewmembers, initiate, supervise and control matters like hiring working personnel and make a film in an estimated budget. To become a good producer, one requires interpersonal skills. A producer has to interact with various people like director, writer, musician and so forth. A producer ought to understand workflows and technical processes in the advanced digital media.

There are three stages in filmmaking, production, distribution and exhibition respectively. Every good film has to go through above said stages. The first stage in filmmaking is production where selected scenes are shot and then print them. The second stage is distribution where a film is sold territory wise at national and international level. The final stage is exhibition where both exhibitors and producers come together to deal with the issue of releasing film in theaters.

Nowadays, a good businessperson has to study corporate scenario through efficient professional approach. The professional approach applies to film business as well. Digital Academy offers a course in film producing, which helps students to in a better career in the film and television industry. The course encompasses detailed information on how to become a good producer. To become a producer, traditionally, there was only single way to go. It was to go through many years in the film business. Digital Academy production course offers a fine and easy route to gain such film directing knowledge. The duration of production course is 6 months including 78 sessions.

From Script to Shoot

The course curriculum provides information on producer. It helps students to become good producer. The role of producer consists of:

  • Financing
  • Networking
  • Distribution
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Developing content

The job of producer is one of the challenging tasks in film and television industry. Producer's job does not end with simply making and releasing film but it goes beyond that. The course provides ample information about producing film.

Structure of the Indian Film Industry: Production, Exhibition and Distribution

The film and television industry contributes a lot to Indian economy. Bollywood produces a number of films every year. The entertainment business is one of the largest economic sources in India. The Indian government gets utmost revenue from entertainment industry. Still the entertainment industry is not properly organized. In film and television industry, there is certain kind of corporate and non-corporate culture. A good producer should have enough knowledge of the unique structure of the film and television industry.

Digital Academy attempts to provide all relevant information about producer's job. The film school has dedicated faculty to teach. Besides faculty, Digital Academy hires practicing professional producers from the film industry. The film school organizes workshops, seminars, etc. where prominent film producers are invited to deliver speech. These producers interact with students. The workshop helps students to be in touch with good producers. With the help of seminars and workshops, students enhance basic skills required to become a perfect producer. Digital Academy-The Film School is a good platform for those who are looking to start their career as a producer.

  • Understanding Screenplay Structure
  • Budgeting and Finance

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