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Instruction Module

Body Language

Body language plays a significant role in the of film and television career. An actor has to study the art of body language. In every scene of a film, an actor does not necessarily require to speak out. On the contrary, they have to communicate through body language. Body language is a good way to express approval or disapproval by way of using gestures and postures. Digital Academy teaches students how to use body language appropriately. The academy rests importance on facial expression and voice. At the same time, the film school offers utmost practical exercises on using body properly required for a particular scene.

Emoting and Dialogue Delivery

A good actor possesses the ability of delivering dialogue in the exact manner required for a role. An actor's talent can easily be identified by observing his/her timing delivery of expressions. Emotions can be communicated in various ways but face and eyes are possibly the most communicative parts of body. Digital Academy students are taught how to use facial expression required in a scene. The academy facilitates students to become perfect in controlling the exact emotional expression. Since body language is an inseparable part of acting, students are taught to match their body language with a dialogue delivery. Body language and dialogue delivery ought to be merged to form an outstanding performance of an art.

Acting on Cue

It is a very difficult task for a novice actor to perform in front of the camera, lights and crewmembers. A new actor may not be able to give his/her best if coworkers surround them. In addition, it's very difficult task to give a number of retakes whenever director asks to do so. Digital Academy offers practical exercises, which helps students to learn critical features of acting in film and television. After a course of months, students get used to the technical nature of shooting and then they can perform well with no difficulty.


Improvisation is one of the aspects of acting. It needs creativity and imagination. In simple term, improvisation means invention. It can be resulted in the invention of:

  • New structures
  • New practices
  • New thought Patterns
  • New symbols

The skill of improvisation can make an important contribution to dance, presenting a speech, music, sales, romantic relationship, cooking, etc. Every good actor should possess the skill of improvisation. Digital Academy puts emphasis on improvisation exercise and helps students to develop logical fantasy.

Characterization & Role Analysis

Characterization means understanding a given role completely. To become a versatile actor, one should articulate the exact shape of a character. With the help of above-mentioned tactics, one can achieve a grand unity between gesture, expression and thought. Besides characterization exercise, students are given role analysis exercises, which helps them to acquire the knowledge of acting.

Working with Co-actors

Usually, every actor requires performing with other actors in various sconces such as dancing, fighting, arguing, etc. Digital Academy students are taught how to maintain and develop relationship with co-stars to create a unique and innovative project.

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