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Instruction Module for Screenplay Writing

Generally, there are no rules for film script writing, however, a writer has to follow general principles to write a good script for film and television programmes. Digital Academy students are encouraged to think about incidents which have taken place in his/her life in the past and write a creative script based on it. The film school gives due consideration for making individual story universal. Students have to come up with imaginations and ideas to create a good film script. The Academy helps students to use all required movie-masala in their scripts.


A well-built plot is the soul of any good script. As Aristotle suggested that, a script must have well beginning, middle and end. Digital Academy teaches how to maintain above said three steps along with story-telling flow. Plot defines structure of a story. The Academy teaches both classical three-act structure that is used in Hollywood and other structures including lyric, epic and non-plot structures.

With the help of film analysis from Bollywood and Hollywood, students of Digital Academy are asked to identify story structure in all films showed in the class. This practice helps students to hone fundamental skills required for filmmaking.

Digital Academy meticulously chooses films to give practical exercises on different models of storytelling. The aim of this exercise is to make students aware of a variety of storytelling models. This will helps students to use different models in their script.


Characters are the most important elements in any genre of film. Therefore, characters play vital role in films. Students are taught about characters' relationship like relationship between antagonist and protagonist. Students are also taught how to develop a character. The film school teaches importance of characters' length and which character is given more importance and which less importance. Students are given practical exercises on dialogue. With help of this exercise, they are taught how dialogues are important to develop characters and story.

Screenplay Development

Digital Academy teaches how to develop original screenplay. Since learning yourself is very important, the film school asks students to write screenplay by using their own ideas and experience. Students are not allowed to write screenplay using existing stories. They are required to write something new creatively. First, students are asked to articulate the foundation of story and then go to the synopsis, treatment, step outline and finally screenplay. To make students' work easy, Digital Academy provides students with screenwriting software Final Draft, which is used everywhere in well-known filmmaking industries.

Substitute Dramatic Structures

Students at Digital Academy not only learn about the classical three-act structure but also other structures, which violate the archetypal structure of films. Students are also taught about storytelling models, principles and format to hold a story together. Digital Academy students are advised to watch different kinds of films as it helps them to think about various possibilities in films. With the help of seen movies, students can write story innovatively.

The Distinctiveness of Indian cinema

Indian films are certainly unique for its storytelling conventions, which have been fascinated by various factors. Students are taught the development process of storytelling. They are taught about all strategies used in filmmaking. Students are made aware of storytelling flow. Digital Academy teaches storytelling elements including dance, songs, dialogue, etc. and how to bring them together to maintain a logical flow throughout a film.

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