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Film Making

Digital Academy offers a filmmaking course. The course is designed with the purpose of providing ample information about filmmaking. Specially, the course is for those students who want to learn not only film direction but also wish to gain knowledge of all the skills required for filmmaking including:

  • Sound
  • Cinematography
  • Production Design
  • Production
  • Acting
  • Editing

The curriculum of filmmaking includes theoretical and practical subjects. Students are given practical demonstration in the class. These practical exercises facilitate students to enhance fundamental skills required for filmmaking. Every student is given separate exercise to work independently. The film school gives practical exercises to all filmmaking departments.

The film course aims at making creative film director. Students are given filmmaking training in the holistic atmosphere. They are trained in all technical features of filmmaking. Upon completing filmmaking, course students become not only just film director but they become complete filmmakers. Digital Academy provides all required information regarding filmmaking. There is no stone left unturned.

The objective of providing practical subject is to give creative filmmakers to the country. With the help of demonstration exercise students can become an expert in any technical aspects of filmmaking. That is why digital Academy stresses on providing training for students. The film school carves bright future for filmmakers. Every good filmmaker should possess sufficient technical knowledge to survive in the industry. Modern technology has occupied almost every area of filmmaking. To become a good filmmaker, every student ought to have enough knowledge of cutting-edge technology. After completing filmmaking course, students will be able to:

  • Direct film
  • Write screenplay
  • Produce film
  • Sync sound recording including multi-track recorder and miking
  • Production design including model making and set construction
  • Cinematography including lensing, lighting, camera movements and operations
  • Edit on non-linear editing systems such as FCP & Avid comprising basic cut-to cut editing, media management, adding filters, digitization, adding transitions, time remapping, etc.
  • Acting, including diction, improvisation and facing camera

The duration of filmmaking course is 6 months and its classes are held five days a week. In this module, students are taught how to make a creative film. The filmmaking course is the same as the film direction course. However, they differ in some respect from each other. The stress on technical aspects makes difference between filmmaking and film direction course. These technical aspects include:

  • Special Effects
  • Sound, Editing
  • Animation
  • Cinematography

Screenplay Analysis

Since screenplay is a wonderful occupation which challenges students' potential, Digital Academy gives due consideration to enhance students' screenplay analysis skills. Students are given practical exercise to hone basic screenplay analysis. Digital Academy provides films to analyze in the class. While teaching a film analysis, students are taught how to observe miniature structure of screenplay. Students are taught narrative structure as well as three-act structure of a screenplay. To produce creative film, the institute teaches how to:

  • Articulate the premise
  • Identify the central conflict in a story
  • Use dances and songs effectively in a film
  • Make a plot organic

  • Animation and Special Effects In Films
  • Direction
  • Exercises On Analytic Dramatic Continuity

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