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Film and TV Production Design

Design is an integral part of any creative production. A Film or Television designer is a person responsible for overall look of a film. A production designer has to deal with setting, props, locations, costumes and camera angle, etc. The responsibilities of a production designer are to select locations, create setting, and choose costume, etc.

A production designer decides overall look of a film. He/she gives suitable look to television programmes, feature films, advertisement and music videos. A production designer has to interact with producers, directors, photographers, artists, etc. With the help of the film crew, a designer carves the given project creatively.

Digital Academy offers a course in Film and TV Production Design. The course comprises complete information about production design. It includes practical and theoretical subjects. The dedicated faculty for this course helps students in every possible way. In this course students are taught about a variety of production designing. In order to enhance fundamental skills required for designing, students are given practical exercises.

The academy has designed Film and TV Production Design course with the aim of providing ample knowledge of designing. The film institute offers quality education to ensure that students can make their lucrative career in the field of film and television. The course includes visualization, script breakdown, set analysis, model making, set illustration and set dressing. The duration of course is 6 months.

Responsibilities of a Production Designer

A production designer has to work together with producer and director from the beginning of a project. A production designer is responsible for setting and visual story telling. The responsibility of production designer is to guide:

  • Hair and make-up artists
  • Costume designer
  • Prop master
  • Set designer
  • Art director

Model making

Model making is a copy of the actual object. The model gives an idea to producer to scale the size and shape of actual object. In film and television model making has immense value. Model making gives overall idea about what will work and what won't in the final place. Model making gives information about factors including:

  • Colour harmony
  • Props
  • Plants
  • Arrangement of furniture
  • Placement of doors and windows

This facilitates producer to modify the final draft of a film. With the help of model making, producer can alter address issues including:

  • Light sources
  • Shooting zones
  • Choreographed moments
  • Action sequences
  • Movements
  • Individual actor movement
  • Various camera placements and

Script breakdown

Script breakdown is middle step in the production of book, film and play. Script breakdown tells us about the characters in the scene, shooting location, costumes, and props in a scene. It also gives information about director's innovative analysis of staged action, shooting schedule, etc. Besides, it also includes significant clues of production design to make sure finest visualization.

  • Visualization to Set Illustration

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