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Exercises on Analytic Dramatic Continuity

Mise-en-Scene with Four Characters

This is an exercise on mise-en-scence with four characters. The stress is given upon distinction between shot designing and coverage of action to form meaning.

Mise-en-Scene with Three Characters

This activity puts in one more character to the same artistic challenge as mentioned below in mise-en-scene with two characters.

Mise-en-Scene with Two Characters

In this demonstration, students are taught how to use dynamic variant to create cinematic meaning including:

  • Lighting
  • lensing
  • Camera movement
  • Character movement
  • Props

The Final Project

The complete highlight of filmmaking course is the final project. In this project students get to become a director in one unit, a sound recorder, camera person, an editor and audio post engineer for another unit. The filmmaking course, therefore, offers an opportunity to students to deal with all the issues related to filmmaking. At the end of the course, Digital Academy students are required to write and direct a ten-minute fiction film. The aim of directing a ten-minute film is to give live experience to students, which will help them to enter the film industry successfully. The filmmaking course is designed to produce creative directors.

Digital Academy provides every possible help to students. Further, Students are divided into groups and units. Every group is given different responsibility to execute the work. Every group becomes a rotation crew for each project. Rotation crew means every student carries responsibility one after another such as a director of one projects becomes sound recorder for another project. In the same way, a cinematographer becomes editor for another project and so on. This exercise allows students to explore their potential to create an innovative project. Digital Academy helps student to become good directors and organizes various programmes to sharpen their skills.

Digital Academy provides all advanced equipments in order to make students' practical work trouble-free. After completing the course, students not only get the knowledge of director but also they can work as:

  • Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Producer
  • Sound Records
  • Editor

Digital Academy puts emphasis on students' all round development. The film school ensures that every student must become a good filmmaker.

Digital Academy Privileges

Digital Academy graduate student can enter the film and television industry successfully. In the beginning, he/she can work as an assistant director and later on as a filmmaker. Digital Academy facilitates students to enter the film industry by approaching prominent production houses. Students are benefited from the film school.

  • Students do not need filmmaking experience or knowledge
  • Compact and well built course
  • Gaining technical skills in all departments and holistic knowledge
  • Film making process and workflows
  • Intensive workshops
  • Shooting, Writing and editing a short film to make the student's own show-reel
  • Exposure to an outdoor shoot

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