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Digital Audio Workstations

A Digital Audio Workstation famously abbreviated as DAW is an electronic system. It's designed with the aim of editing, recording and playing back digital audio. Lately, the Digital Audio Workstation has progressively come to suggest an integrated computer based hard disk recording system. This system includes:

  • Editing and mix down capabilities
  • Advanced multi-track recording
  • Edit and score capacity
  • Integrated and plug-in signal processing support
  • MIDI sequencing
  • Support for integrating software plug-in instruments:
    • AU
    • VSTI
    • RTAS
  • peripheral music programs
  • Integration of peripheral hardware devices:
    • controllers
    • audio
    • MIDI interface

It's a revolutionized introduction of Digital Audio Workstations in the field of film and television. DAW has occupied an important position in audio and music production houses. Digital Academy-The Film School offers integrated training based on DAW's. This training includes Steinberg Nuendo and Digidesign Protools which are used extensively in music production business.

With help of DAW's, students become skilled in the art of editing, recording, mixing, etc. They are also taught automation to tweak, implementation of plug-in, manipulate audio and so forth. Furthermore, students are taught the use of controllers and hardware interfaces in Digital Audio Workstation and their application to projects.

Miking Techniques

In audio production, recording is the beginning step. It is said that a decent recording derives from a decent resource and miking. Digital Academy students are taught various miking techniques which includes:

  • Stereo miking
  • Mono miking
  • Multi-miking

Students will also be taught miking up the drum-kit. There is a variety of miking techniques. With the help of these techniques, students are trained how to record acoustic and vocal instruments. This module gives an opportunity to students to explore new techniques of sound producing. Upon completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Analyze the characteristics of each miking technique
  • Experiment the new techniques
  • Define the various genres of miking

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and MIDI sequencer are software. This software used in designing and creating music. The major use of MIDI is to deal with computer generated music. MIDI programming is well known and commonly used by many recognized music production houses across the globe. Students, in this section, will be taught about basic connectivity of Digital Audio Workstations along with samplers and MIDI controllers. These controllers are applied for trigger MIDI messages.

In this module students are taught application of a variety of MIDI record styles and exporting role of DAW's. Besides, Digital Academy offers Virtual Studio Technology (VST) classes. In this class, students will learn about the use of VST instruments designed for programming and composing computer-generated music. The Digital Academy provides advanced technology which helps students to learn with no difficulty.

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