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Generally cinematography means arranging camera and lighting suitably at time of shooting for film. Cinematography is directly related to the photography art. The camera and light have to be in the right direction at the time of shooting a scene. A cinematographer is a person who looks through the viewfinder, focus, shutter angle, controlling aperture, etc. The responsibility of a cinematographer is to understand the scene before shooting it. Cinematography is defined by a well known cinematographer, Sven Nyquist, "The art of cinematography is nothing but the art of painting with light".

Cinematography is a technical field. To become a good cinematographer one has to know:

  • The chemistry of laboratory processing
  • The physics of optics
  • The mathematics of exposure
  • The electronics of video cameras

Art and Science rarely go hand in hand but here, cinematography is a fusion of art and science. Cinematography is one of the best examples of merging science with art. A director who wants to shoot a scene according to him/her has to depend on cinematographer. It can be said that cinematographer is the eye of a director. Digital Academy-The Film School gives students scrupulous practices on cinematography to enhance students' basic skills of image making.

Digital Academy facilitates students to become skillful in all kinds of shooting set-up. It can be an exterior space, studio floor, mixture of interior and exterior lighting conditions. The film institute helps students to communicate with prominent directors and understand their requisites. The Script writing course duration is 6 months with 40 extra practical sessions.

The Digital Academy students are also taught videography. Students are taught how video signals are amplified, generated and recorded. The film school also teaches students various formats and resolutions of videos.

The practical exercises include:

  • Multicam setups
  • DV CAM
  • HD Cameras
  • Red
  • 2k Film transfer

Students are taught how to shot a composite shoot. They are given practical exercises on it. Sometimes a cinematographer has to take composite shots using two or more separate shots. In such situations a cinematographer has to know the technique of matting, keying and frame blending. The Digital Academy students are given exercises on how to light up blue/green screens. They are given training on blending and matting techniques.

A cinematographer should know the art of using colour. A particular colour has to be used at the proper time and place. Students are taught how to use colour and made aware of the advanced Digital Intermediate (ID). The institute put emphasis on teaching colour grading technology with the help of 2k projection.

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