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Budgeting and Finance

To allocate cost for film project is a challenging job for every producer. A producer requires keeping in mind the total budget of a film before he/she starts working on the project. There are various things on which the producer needs to spend money. The process where a producer needs to estimate total amount is called Budgeting. The process of budgeting plays a vital role in filmmaking. A film, which has well estimated budget, goes onstage as per planning. A good producer always keeps some extra money aside to spend when there is an emergency.

Every skilled producer has to keep in mind that a film should be released at the prescribed time. He/she must be aware of problems that are likely to come while making a film. Everything should be planned and only then, a producer has to start working on the project. The next stage of a producer's job is financing. A producer should work out the finance before he executes a project. It is not possible to plan without considering total film cost.

Budgeting and financing are relatively important in the making of a film. To get both the things balanced make producer's job tougher. Digital Academy provides ample information on budgeting and financing. Digital Academy offers practical demonstration where students learn about how to execute the job of financing and budgeting brilliantly. Students are taught about how to make micro as well as macro budgets. Students are also taught how to get required finance support from various sources consisting of financial institutions and banks at reasonable interest.

Legal Agreements

The business of film production is just like enormous event, which requires brilliant management. If a producer fails to manage its budget, he/she will have to leave the project incomplete. The incomplete project is just like digress to producer's image. Since a producer has to hire film crew and required material for filmmaking, he/she is responsible to pay them. A good producer should have ample knowledge about legal contract. He/she ought to know how legal contract are to be drawn and how to honour them. These contracts may be with technicians, artistes, different agencies, etc. A producer also has to follow certain laws as mentioned below.

  • Censor law
  • Copyrights
  • Permissions
  • County law
  • Security law
  • Sale of territories

A producer must be aware of above-mentioned laws. The responsibility of a good producer is to ensure that all parties end their contract. Also, make sure that a film should not be caught in any unnecessary litigation. Digital Academy makes sure that students are made aware of legal obligations and agreements.


Postproduction means a kind of work that is executed only after film shooting is done. Nonetheless, it's tough job to ensure that the movie becomes profitable product. In postproduction process, a producer has to employ various artists including:

  • Audio workstations
  • Dolby mixing studios
  • Edit suites
  • Dubbing studio

After completing postproduction, a producer has to release the film on fixed time. Digital Academy-The Film Institute makes sure that students are capable of dealing with postproduction process.

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