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Animation Course

Every film requires animation in different forms. With the help of animation, impossible scenes are shot perfectly like an actor jumps from the fifth floor of a building without injury, war scene, and a number of things can be visualized with no difficulty. Every producer has to take help of animation technology. That is why in film and television industry, students who are good at animation technology gets employment easily. The emergence of animation technology employed remarkable changes in entertainment industry.

Animation is one of the types of optical illusions, which incorporates the appearance of motion caused by displaying still pictures one after another. The main purpose of using animation in a film is to entertain. Animation helps to create a world of fantasy. The inventor of cartoon animation is Walter Disney. Everyone in his/her childhood must have watched memorable animation characters including:

  • Daffy Duck
  • Superman
  • Tweety
  • Donald Duck
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Spiderman
  • Bugs Bunny
  • The Phantom
  • Garfield
  • Batman

Today, not only children and but adults also like animated motion pictures. It fascinates each and everyone. That is the reason popularity of animation industry is increasing. Since there is an advancement of Digital Technology, animation films have gained high standard in entertainment industry. Owing to magic of 3D animation, sometimes, it is not possible to identify whether a film scene is real or animated.

Digital Academy offers a course in animation. The course is well built. Its curriculum includes almost every aspects of animation. It provides profound knowledge of the emerging career in animation. Digital Academy teaches students 3D animation with modern technology including:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Maya
  • Combustion

With the help of using above said software, students are able to conceptualize attractive and engaging characters. In this course, students are given assignments to execute a project based on animation skills. Once they are done with the project, he/she can highlight the demo reel of their work and submits to the concerned faculty.

Animation Process

Animation has three stages, pre-production, production and post-production respectively.


Story development

Story boarding is the first step towards creating animation pictures. Firstly, a story is written creatively, which explains the main scene. After approval of the story, it is developed in script with detailed conceptualization of time, location, characters, etc. Finally, the story is described in detail.

Story Board

A storyboard is slide-by-slide description of events in a film. Every shot is sketched on the paper to form a logical sequence in a film. With the help of storyboarding, students are taught the requirements of every scene. This facilitates students to understand the overall animation filmmaking process.


There is software called Computer Generated Interface CGI. The software is used to create the world of fantasy. Initially, the sets, characters, props, etc. are sketched on the paper and then they are reproduced in 3D by using software like Maya, 3D Max, etc.


Layout is an important aspect in animation. After completing storyboard and sound recording, a layout artist designs costumes required for scenes. Another responsibility of a layout artist is to design background scene creatively. Layout designs help students to understand the requirements of different scenes. A layout artist has to create a model sheet. The model sheet encompasses all required expressions, attitudes, voice, etc. of the characters.

  • Production
  • Special Effects Orientation Sfx1
  • Advanced Creative Animation Sfx3

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