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Advanced Creative Animation - SFX3

Digital Academy-The Film School offers Advanced Creative Animation course. The duration of course is six months. The classes are held thrice a week.

Instruction Module :

The course curriculum provides detailed information on animation. Digital Academy students are taught 3D imagery, character animation and other software required for animation. The course helps students to sharpen their basic skills required for an animation film. The objective of Advanced Creative Animation course is to produce expert professionals to the industry. Digital Academy students are taught with advanced technology. They are given practical exercises to become good animators. Digital Academy students are provided with advanced software including Photoshop and Maya Unlimited. Advanced

Creative Animation course includes:

  • Character design basics
  • Rigging
  • Making model sheets
  • Character Studio
  • Lighting
  • Two legged and four legged walk cycles
  • Texturing
  • Camera
  • Deep Paint 3D for advanced texturing
  • Personality development of a character
  • Modelling (NURB, polygon and Subdivision)
  • Basics of Photoshop
  • Paint, cloth and fur effects using Maya Unlimited


High end Modelling of Organic and Inorganic modeling

  • Students are taught to produce organic and inorganic models. They are taught how to create characters required for the entertainment industry.


  • Digital Academy students are taught to produce texture in order to develop characters and give them realistic feel.


  • In this project, students are taught scientific study of light. They are taught the behaviour of light at different levels. Digital Academy offers lighting projects on both, indoor and outdoor.


In rigging project, students are asked to perform:

  • Quadruped Rigging
  • Biped Rigging
  • Expression Studies
  • Blend shapes
  • Pose development
  • Bones Studies
  • Anatomy studies

Animation and Dynamics

Students are asked to perform with regard to rotation, movement and size based on times. Students are taught light movement, camera movements, etc. In this project, students are taught how to create following facet to biped and quadruped characters.

  • Emotions
  • Expressions
  • Jump cycle
  • Walk cycle
  • Poses
  • Run cycle

For Dynamics project, students complete fire effects, object stimulation, blast and other special effects.

Production techniques

  • Students are taught different types of workflow to optimize rendering time and production time.

Final project

  • In the final projects, students are required to combine all above said projects to create the final project.

The curriculum of Advanced Creative Animation is well built; however, it is subject to change.

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