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An actor's work is to tell the story by portraying a character in a written play. Acting is one of the most important aspects in filmmaking. In fact, actor is the only person who tells audiences about all the ideas and imagination of a director. Acting is a very interesting profession where an actor has to perform various kinds of roles. An actor may be a rich person in one role and a poor person in another. A female actor can be an obedient and simple homemaker in one role and a seductive in another. An actor can play both antagonist and protagonist role in different films. The characteristics of an actor include:

  • Comedian
  • Narrator
  • Character actor
  • Antagonist
  • Protagonist

A good actor can play all kinds of roles perfectly as mentioned above. Since human beings possess the ability of imitating, an actor has to imitate gestures, postures, actions and voice of a given character. An actor should live the character he/she portrays in a film. In ancient Greek drama, there was no concept of individual performance. Everyone would tell or describe deeds and actions of many characters in the third person.

It was a time when there was hardly any actor to perform his/her job. On the contrary, today, we have a number of professional actors who are good at their work. Some of them, who have an ability to execute any kind of role perfectly, are labeled as superstar. A superstar can perform given character very well in any genre of films.

A good actor should possess talent of head and heart. Only a good physical appearance is not enough to become an actor but he/she must have burning desire to learn about acting and should possess ability to give outstanding performance in a theater. Acting profession needs good training and serious application. Film and television is an auxiliary specialized domain of acting. Film and television are quite different from theater. An actor can retake a number of times in film, on the other hand, in theater he/she has to give live performance. Theater performers do not have a single change to perform the same action twice. To become a good actor, one has to understand the character quickly and perform it as intended by a director.

Digital Academy endeavors to enhance students' fundamental skills to become an actor. The academy provides all facilities to students and helps them to carve their bright future in the entertainment industry. Digital Academy offers an acting course. The acting course duration is 3 months, which consist of 65 sessions./

Instruction Module:

Digital Academy has designed instruction module for acting course. The module is designed with the purpose of giving complete shape to students' acting career. The instruction module includes:

  • Spot Memory
  • Voice Culture
  • Body Language
  • Emoting and dialogue delivery
  • Acting on Cue
  • Improvisation
  • Characterization & Role Analysis
  • Working with other actors

  • Projects
  • Instruction Module

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