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DU - Master of Comparative Law (MCL)

The course, Master of Comparative Law, is being designed with the purpose of giving admission to only foreign nationals with foreign law degrees. The intake capacity for this course is 10 students. Only two students from one country can get the admission to the course. Candidates can get admission to MCL course only on the basis of merit.

Candidates who are admitted to Master of Comparative Law course will need to take the course prescribed for a two-year LL.M. Degree course in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th term including the dissertation apart from that the Dean, in his prudence, may permit a student of M.C.L. to submit research paper(s) in lieu of the written exam in anyone or additional of the course of studies which is offered by him. Candidates need to submit the research paper(s) to the Controller of Exam through the Dean by the end of the term.

Scheme of Grading:

  • 75 % and above - Distinction
  • 60 % and above - First Division
  • 50 % and above - Second Division
  • 50 % Pass Percentage

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidate who falls into a foreign national category and who has obtained a Degree of Bachelor of Law or any law degree from a country other than India with at least 50 % marks in aggregate, which gives the right him/her to practice in their respective country will be eligible to take admission to Master of Law which is to be known as Master of Comparative Law.

Documents to be produced at the time of admission

Candidates who wish to take admission to the MCL course must produce documents, as mentioned below, with the application form.

  • University Marks Certificates (attested true copy) for LL.B. I, II and III years exams indicating the percentage of marks and obtained division.
  • University Certificate of LL.B. Degree or the Provisional LL.B. Certificate (attested true copy) from which he/she has completed LL.B. Degree exam.

Candidates must be good at English Language as it is the medium of instruction and MCL exam is in the same language. No candidate is allowed to take admission if they are not proficient in English. Candidates who wish to take admission to MCL course is expected to have studied either of the courses as mentioned below:

  • Law
  • Undergraduate Degree Course
  • Senior Secondary through English Medium

A foreign national with foreign law degree will be awarded with LL.M. Degree if they fulfill all the requirements which are prescribed for such degree in all the respects. Such candidates do not need to take an entrance exam for admission to LL.M. programme. 

Candidates must not be more than 22 years of age at the time of admission.

Application Procedure

A foreign national who wishes to take admission should apply through the Foreign Students Advisor, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007. It must be noted that no application will be accepted unless it is sent through the way as mentioned above. 

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