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DU - Doctor of Civil Law (DCL)

The University of Delhi offers degree in Doctor of Civil Laws. The degree will be awarded on the basis of merit of published work. This work must be published independently. His/her work must be an advance study in their particular field. The classes of DCL will be held at Faculty of Law Chhatra Marg, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007.

Scheme of Grading

The Board of Research Studies appoints examiners. These examiners will affirm that the work which is submitted by candidates is considerable, distinguish and has contributed to learning the award of the degree of Doctor of Civil Laws. The candidate whose thesis is being rejected by the examiners will not be consent to re-submit his/her thesis for degree. The Committee of the Academic Council, as mentioned under Ordinance VI-B, will assess the report which is being placed by the examiners.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are eligible to submit work for the Degree of Doctor of Civil Laws if he/she fulfills the following criteria.

Candidates must have completed three years since he/she obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy either of:

  • The University of Delhi. Or
  • Any other recognized university, endowed with that he/she is a teacher at Delhi University and has served in that for minimum three successive years after obtaining such degree and has affianced himself/herself in vigorous research work.

Candidates are not allowed to submit any work for consideration for which a degree is already conferred on his/her in this or any other university. Candidates need to put forward application for submitting work to Registrar. The application must be submitted with a list of the candidate's publication, a statement which shows in what respect candidate's investigation appears to him/her to proceed the cause of their realm of interest, a statement representing if he/she has submitted the work to any other university for such degree giving the name of the university with time of submission.

The Board of Research Studies will look for advice as it may reckon necessary to satisfy it that the prescribed conditions for submission of the work have been fulfilled by aspirant.

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