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DU - PhD in law

University of Delhi offers PhD in law. The duration of PhD is minimum 2 years and maximum 5 years. The degree of PhD can be granted in any faculty of the university. As for the subject, candidates can research on any subject of law under the supervision of university.

Candidates will be awarded with PhD only on the basis of his/her performance in viva-voce test which is based on their research work. If candidates do not perform well even after the maximum duration given to them to complete the thesis, his/her thesis will be rejected. In case two examiners approve the thesis but third examiner does not approve or suggests improvement and asks to re-submit it, then the thesis will be sent to forth examiner through The Committee of the Academic Council and the forth examiner's recommendation will be final.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must possess Master Degree or equivalent from University of Delhi or from any other university which is recognized with at least 50 % marks in aggregate or equivalent.
  • Candidates shall apply for admission to the university stating his/her qualification and subject he/she proposes to investigate enfolding a statement on any of works that they have done in the subject.

Each candidate needs to pursue his/her research in Delhi. However, they can be allowed to work out of Delhi only if they are permitted by the Board. But it must be noted that the candidate can not be absent from Delhi for more than three academic terms. No candidate is allowed to accept any employment during the period of his/her study without the permission of the Board of Research Studies. Also, no candidate is allowed to appear for any other exam being conducted by university of public body.

Candidates may submit their thesis after completion of research. They can submit it at any time during the second week and the last week of any month. No candidate is allowed to submit his/her thesis unless their supervisor is satisfied with the research work and passes it worthy of consideration for the award of the PhD degree. Candidates need to submit four copies of thesis to the Committee of the Board of Research Studies. Candidates in their work may incorporate the content of any work which is published on his/her subject.

The thesis must be a piece of research work completed by discovery or new facts. Finally, thesis should substantiate candidate's capability for critical examination and judgment and above all it should be satisfactory in all the respects.   

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