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Indian Faculty

Picasso Animation College has experienced and dedicated Indian faculty. The brief information about faculty members is given below.

Anshumi Johar
Anshumi Johar has been associated with animation filmmaking. She has extensive experience in the field of animation. She worked as a senior character animator for prominent studios such as Data Quest and UTV. She also worked for big budget animation films such as Barbie Diaries and Arjun - The Warrior Prince. She contributed to the series and DVD projects including:

  • Donkey Ollie
  • Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Cosmic Quantum Ray
  • Mikido
  • Bratz
  • Big Idea's Penguins

She has been working with Picasso Animation College for over 5 years as a CG-Specialist. She shares her experience in production. She carries tremendous experience in the field of animation.

Sudipta Das
Sudipta Das graduated in Economics. He also completed diploma in Fine Arts & Multimedia. He served as a team leader in rigging and modeling department for Escotoonz Animation Studio. He worked on various national and international projects such as Wings, Tinytots, etc. Apart from this, he also worked as a technical supervisor for Escotooz. Presently, he is working with Picasso Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. as a senior CG Artist.

Shibu Kumar
Shibu Kumar has been working in the field of 3D Animation, VFX & Visual Compositor for ten years. Presently, he is working as Production Head in Magnum Opus Digital Art Technology Pvt. Ltd. He worked as a project head with various production houses including:

  • Senior 3D Animator in BIG Animation (I) Pvt. Ltd. Studio, Pune
  • 3D Animation and Visual Effects in SASEL, Chennai, Tamilnadu
  • 3D Animator / VFX Compositor in Gimzo Studio, Palakkad, Kerala
  • Team Leader - 3D in Emantras Interactive Technologies P (Ltd.) Chennai

Kharabel Pradhan
Kharabel Pradhan completed MFA degree from B.K. College of Arts and Craft, Bhubaneswar. He also completed diploma in 3D Modeling and Animation from I Tech Media Solution, Chennai. Kharabel Pradhan has been working since 2003 with various companies comprising:

  • 3D Animator from DQ Entertainment
  • 3D Animatior in Toonz Animation India
  • 2D Animator in Color Chips India
  • Multimedia designer in Itech Media Solution, Chennai

Kharabel Pradhan worked on various projects such as Play Mobil (DVD) (XLT & Sony) Life and Adventures of Santa Claus Promoto - G7, Gatturo (DVD), Toonz, etc. He received award in 2002 from Camlin Art Foundation for painting. Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti New Delhi awarded him for his exceptional painting in 1999.

Kharabel Pradhan participated in various exhibitions. He has tremendous experience in the field of animation. Currently, he is serving as a faculty for animation in Picasso Animation College. He shares his work experience and knowledge with students and help them to grow in their respective field.

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