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Director General Maharishi Group

O.P Sharma
O.P Sharma is a renowned educationist in India. He is one of the respected persons in the field of education. He presided over a number of prestigious positions including:

  • HOD
  • Dean
  • Judge
  • Principal
  • Director
  • Chairperson
  • Consultant
  • Advisor
  • Advisory Council
  • Visiting Faculty

Presently, O.P Sharma is the Director General of Cosmic Group of B School/ Cosmic Institution of Neo Entertainment, media, art/Picasso Animation College. He also holds a position of Chief Advisor of CSKM Group of Institutions. O.P Sharma is widely regarded as personality developer, motivational guru and counselor-par-excellence. He is founder and CEO of 3L PADC-Learning Lab for life skills personality assessment and development center.

IAF honored him for his contribution to the area of leadership training for officers. He was also admired by the State for exceptional performance in the realm of education administration. His contribution to the Hindi poetry was noticed by the journalist forum 'Lalkar', which conferred him the distinction 'Kavi Shiromani'.

Last year, the Temple of Understanding International and All Saints Care awarded him the 'Jewel of Humanity Honor- Manav Ratn' for his notable contribution in the field of Value Education. Lately, a prominent Muslim trust has conferred him the title of 'Adhyatm Martand'. O.P Sharma believes in working. He says that one needs to keep working, which will lead to success.

He lays emphasis on aesthetically developed, physically enduring, morally sound, emotionally mature, and spiritually inclined people. O.P Sharma is also a good writer. He authored about 12 books. Recently, he published Value Management. His other titles include:

  • Anant Yatra
  • Vyaktitva Vikas
  • Gita in Action
  • Leadership in Action
  • Value Education in Action
  • Point Success Agenda for All
  • Som Kiran
  • Value Orientation in Action
  • Training the Trainers
  • Tulsi Ramayana in action
  • Management of a School by Value System

His other titles include Vyabaharik Adhytm (in Hindi) and two in English 'Leading the team with Joy' and 'Spirituality in Action'. Three of his titles are quoted widely in training and research in India as well as abroad. These titles include:

  • Gita in Action
  • Value Education in Action
  • Empowering Self for Success
He holds a position as Chief Patron of a monthly journal Vyavharik Adhyatm. The idea of the journal is behavioral spirituality with special focus on dutiful conduct, wisdom oriented contemplation, devotional commitment, etc. He has been associated with a number of social, spiritual, educational organizations/confederations/federations. He tries to promote and maintain value based professionalism in organizations including:
  • Administrative Staff College of India
  • National Institute of Human Values
  • Shanti Kunj
  • Gayatri Parivar
  • CSKMA Educational Complex
  • Central Institute of Education
  • Guljari Lal Nanda Foundation
  • Confederation of Ex - Servicemen Associations
  • Federation of Janakpuri Welfare Associations
  • Indian Association of Educational Planners and administrators

Apart from a spectrum of his success, he is heading the team of consultants. The team irrationalizes Maharishi University of Information Technology at Lucknow, UP

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