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Learning Approaches

DCSMAT School of Media and Business aims at encouraging students with enquiring and analytical minds who are ready to acquire new information, developing the right attitude to manage new ventures. The school utilizes a number of learning approaches as mentioned below.

Pre-programme activities
Students from different academic backgrounds join the school, therefore, they many not be familiar with corporate world. The school organizes extensive induction programme in order to overcome this setback. The programme covers many important aspects of business management. With the help of this programme, students develop their skills such as leadership, working in a team, role-play activity, communication skills, working individually etc.

Study teams (Mentor Groups)
Students are divided into small groups from beginning of the academic year. The expert faculty guides each group in their task. In this mentor group, students are taught various elements of media and business management. This method is very useful in developing student's behaviour. With help of this module, students get to learn much about teamwork. They learn to work in a team as well individually.

International Exposure through Foreign Visits
DCSMAT School of Media and Business organizes foreign country visit with the intention of reinforcing student's managerial capabilities to complete the universal business sphere.

Soft Skills Training
This module comprises of special training in interpersonal relationship, personality development, presentation, negotiation, public speaking skills, etc. The module encourages students to address critical management problems and helps them to acquire thorough knowledge than just becoming managers. The school organizes training in various disciplines including:

  • Brand wars
  • Role-play
  • Business plan
  • Quizzes
  • Group discussions
  • Debates
  • Article presentations
  • Job hunt
  • Social initiatives
  • Regular corporate monitoring
  • Interaction with leaders from various fields

Foreign Language Learning
It is very important to have sound knowledge of leading foreign language. DCSMAT School of Media and Business conducts foreign language classes with the view of making students comfortable and confident in various cultural environments. Students are taught languages like German, Spanish and French.

Focus Group Discussion
The school takes activities like group discussion. The aim of this activity is to enhance student's communication skills, which is very useful in the international business environment.

Creativity Theatre and Holistic Management
Expert professionals always employ creativity and innovation for successful business management. Creativity plays an important role in the corporate world for the successful operation of a project. Inventive and productive approach is very important to become a successful leader.

DCSMAT School of Media and Business introduced a course that incorporates many innovative training programmes. The course is designed to make students understand how leadership and creativity function in this area.

DCSMAT Smart Academy
The DCSMAT Retail Training Academy and Showroom Management situated in Cochin is a training partner of Retailers Association of India (RAI). It offers special retail training to DCSMAT students. Upon successful completion of this programme, Retailers Association of India awards students certificates.

Institutional Social Responsibility
In every trimester, students are required to do community development and social work, as it is a part of course curriculum. It incorporates activities like teaching students from rural areas to spread educational awareness in the society.

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