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Industry Interaction

DCSMAT School of Media and Business organizes various programmes and activities to nurture student's talent. These programmes facilitate students to get in touch with current scenario in the industry.

Participation in Workshops, Seminars and Summits
DCSMAT School of Media and Business organizes a number of programmes where students are encouraged to participate. These programmes include workshops, business summits, seminars, etc. conducted by NIPM, NHRD, AIMA and CII. These programmes are organized to enhance student's interaction skills, intellectual abilities, etc.

Mini Seminars
The school organizes mini seminar every month. In this seminar, prominent working professionals from corporate world are invited to interact with students and share their working experience. This mini seminar helps students to realize the efforts required for managing an organization. This also facilitates students to understand the capabilities required to become a corporate leader.

CEO Seminars
The school organizes CEO seminars too. The seminar is organized within the campus. The CEO seminar helps students to become aware of responsibilities involved in handling administration. This gives students an insight of managing an organization.

In any management school, internship plays an important role. DCSMAT School of Media and Business equips students with internship programme with the intention of providing them live experience. Here, students are assigned projects to work in a group as well as individual projects. As the school is related to publishing houses in India, it has good contact with many industries in India and abroad.

Industry Partnership
DCSMAT School of Media and Business signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SurgeForth and people analytical company to work in partnership in the sphere of research and validation.

Industry Anchoring Programme
Industry Anchoring Programme (IAP) is one the techniques of introducing students to the industry. The programme helps students to get accustomed to the work culture of organizations. Students are given different assignments by faculty, as it is part of course curriculum.

Certificate Programmes

Neuro-linguistic Programming
Students are given training in neuro-linuistic programming. The training aims at honing student's ability in motivating, encouraging and influencing people through verbal and non-verbal communications. The training is very helpful to develop presentation skills. It helps students to understand their potential, ability, goals and interpersonal skills.

Transactional Analysis
Transactional Analysis helps students understand ego and the state of mind in business. This exercise helps students to understand:

  • Business processes
  • Sales and marketing
  • Business communication
  • Human resource management
  • Customer relation management

ISO 9001-2000
The ISO 9001:2000 is an Auditor Training Course. The course aims at providing students with training in audits. It lays emphasis on training students in process improvement and operational methods. It focuses on developing the profitability and efficiency of an organization. In the training, students are taught the importance of documentation that helps in improving quality.

Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a flexible and inclusive system used for supporting, maximizing and achieving business profits. This system encourages students to assess how they executed their work and apply improvements for minimizing the deficiency in the business. The training facilitates students to apply suitable usage of their potential for achieving excellence in business.

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