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DC Kizhakemuri is the founder chairperson of DC Group. DC Kizhakemuri contributed a lot to the Malayalam publishing industry. The increasing interest in Malayalam books among the people in Kerala goes to this exceptional individual's vision and determination.

The Beginning
DC Kizhakemuri is famously known as DC. He was belonged to the middle class family in Kanjirapally, Kottayam. He completed his education and accepted teaching as a career. DC was a very good teacher and was adored by every student. He taught for many years.

Dominic Chacko (DC) and his friend started a bookstore in 1945. The bookstore was named, 'National Book Stall' that was in Kottayam. Later on, he found Sahitya Pravarthaka Co-operative Society (SPCS) that progressed one of the biggest writers' cooperative in Asia.

NBS and SPCS culminated to establish the largest publisher of books in Kerala. With innovative ideas like home library schemes, book clubs, pre-publication offers, etc. made DC to get into the field of media and business.

The founding of DC Books
In 1974, He retired and started his publishing firm and named it "DC Books". He published "English - Malayalam Dictionary". The dictionary received approximately 11,000 requests. In order to serve learners' increasing needs, the publishing company expands its business domain. After that, DC never looked back.

DC has an eye for good writing. He started taking manuscripts from various authors to publish them. With his expert managing skills, DC books became easily available in Kerala. He put hall his efforts in the right direction as a result, he established a very successful education institutions.

In 1982, he established the Book Trust of Kairali Children with the view of publishing children's books. The book trust has been working actively for the expansion of children's literature ever since. DC also found Kairali Mudralayam with remembrance of the 400 years of successful Malayalam printing.

Other Activities
DC has been involved energetically in many organizations including:

  • Kerala State Freedom Fighters Association
  • Advisory Board of National Book Trust
  • Kerala State Library Council
  • C.V. Raman Pillai National Foundation
  • Nelson Mandela Reception Committee (Govt. of India)
  • All Kerala Publishers and Book Sellers Association and Kottayam Citizen's Council

Apart from his contribution to the field of education, DC possesses interest in writing. There are fifteen titles to DC's credit. He was associated with editing of journals such as "Chitrodayam" and "Democrat". DC also served as columnist in various journals and newspapers.

Honours and Awards

  • DC received many awards and honours including India's prestigious award, Padmabhushan (1999). DC won several awards comprising:
  • Thamrapatra Award by the Govt. of India for DC's great contribution to freedom movement
  • In 1996, he received "the Distinguished Publishers Award" by "Federation of Indian Publishers"
  • He received Veteran Publisher Award by Publishers Association & Booksellers of Publishers Hall of Fame and South India
  • Swadeshabhimani Puraskaram

Dominic Chacko Kizhakemuri is one of the renowned names in the field of media and business. He contributed a lot to the business of book publishing.

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