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Department of Hotel Management and Catering Science

Divine College of Management Studies has a well built Department of Hotel Management and Catering Science. The department is well equipped with all required utensils to provide every possible opportunity and develop a critical understanding of personal skills required for hotel management and hotel industry, DCMS offers following facilities:

  • Laboratories
  • A Demo Bed Room
  • Model Restaurant
  • Training Kitchens
  • A Guest room with star hotel facilities

Advanced Training Kitchen and Bakery
In order to provide students training, DCMS has built advanced training kitchen and bakery. Students are taught to prepare many Continental and Intercontinental cuisines including Chinese, French, Arabian, Japanese, etc. with special emphasis on hygiene. The advanced training kitchens are built-in with stainless steel work. With the help of kitchen and bakery, students get training and experience. The kitchens are well built with special LPG gas connection. Other laboratories make certain precise and scientific learning.

A Model Training Restaurant
Divine College of Management Studies has Model Training Restaurant. The restaurant is built with the view of providing students practical training. Students are equipped with individual lockers separately for girls and boys. The environment of a Model Training Restaurant encourages students to participate in various activities conducted by DCMS.

A Model Star Class Bedroom
Divine College of Management Studies has a Model Star Class Bedroom. The model star is built with the view of providing students practical exercises in house keeping. This exercise facilitates students to hone skills required to become experts in hotel management. With the help of this exercise, students get an excellent opportunity to prove them efficient in house keeping.

Career Counseling, Training and Placement
Divine College of Management Studies provides students extensive training from the first year of study. Students are encouraged to participate in Star Hotels-training by expert working professionals. Students get live experience, as it is most important in the field of hotel management. Every student is paid special attention by the counselor and he/she is provided training to hone basic skills.

DCMS has full-time career counselor. The counselor works under the guidance of the principal. The responsibility of counselor is to identify opportunities and choose right career for students. DCMS organizes campus interview where prominent organizations are invited to recruit students. Deserved candidates get high remuneration job in renowned films. The career counselor is always in touch with prospective employers in India as well as abroad. For students interested in hotel management, DCMS is a wonderful platform.

Upon completing the course, students get into various domains related to catering. These include:

  • Chefs
  • Catering Officers
  • Flight Pursers in Airlines
  • Lecturers in Colleges
  • Managers of Institutional Canteens
  • Hotel/Resort Executives and Managers

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