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BHU - Hostel Life

There is separate hostel for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The hostel is well equipped with all facilities including internet with a broadband speed of up to 100 mbps. Student can access internet from their room free of cost. For undergraduate students, the capacity of hostel is 240 students. Every year 80 students get the hostel. However, admission to hostel is fully based on the merit obtained in the entrance exam.

The undergraduate students to be housed in Dr. Bhagwan Das Hostel which is not more than 10 minutes walk from the faculty. The hostel intake capacity is 240 and one room is shared by 2 students. The hostel has good mess and its being run by students under the guidance of the warden of hostel. For the sake of amusement, hostel has a well built common room with TV set along with cable connection. There is a separate study room in the hostel where students can study well. Above all, the rector of hostel tries to make a homely atmosphere so that students can feel at ease.

There is separate hostel for postgraduate students. They are housed in Dr. Ambedkar Hostel situated in the campus. Unlike the room arrangement for undergraduate students, here is separate room for each student. Under the guidance of warden of hostel, students operate the mess. Here is also a large common hall with the facility of TV along with cable connection. Students can relax from their study for a while by means of watching television. The hostel also has separate study room for students.

As for girl students, they have separate accommodation in many girls' hostel in the university campus. Students can play various indoor and outdoor games in the campus. Indoor games, for instance, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, etc. Outdoor games includes, cricket, holly ball, foot ball, hockey, etc. theses games are made available for the purpose of students' all round development.

In addition to this, there are separate courts for squash, basket ball and lawn tennis. There is well equipped swimming pool too. Normally, this swimming pool is open nine months in a year. Thus, living in university hostel is always good for students.

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