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Prof. M. Obaid Siddiqui (Professor Journalism)
Obaid Siddiqui is a well-known Urdu poet and broadcaster of his generation. He joined the AJK MCRC as video and television faculty in May 2004. He spent over twenty years as broadcast journalist in many prominent organizations in India as well as abroad. Mr. Siddiqui started his career in the broadcast journalism in early eighties, when he joined All India Radio (AIR) in 1983 as programme executive. He served there as the head of News and Current Features Unit at Radio Kashmir, Srinagar. During his venture at AIR, he went to London on secondment from AIR to join BBC World Service as Producer in the Urdu Section. Later on in 1992, BBC noticed his work, as a result, he was offered a permanent job, and shortly he was promoted as a Senior Producer.

Mr. Siddiqui's endeavor at BBC Urdu Service has enabled him to reinforce a better understanding of international sub-continental affairs. During his stay in London with BBC, Mr. Siddiqui covered and witnessed the historic changes that took place in Middle East and Eastern Europe. He also acquired insight into the affairs of SAARC countries, mainly Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, which were regarded as the major target zones of BBC Urdu Service.

Mr. Siddiqui resigned BBC in 1997 and returned to Delhi to make his career in television as broadcast journalist. He joined as Duty News Editor to NDTV in 1997 and served there until 2003. His venture at NDTV ended with break-up of STAR and NDTV, the content provider. Mr. Siddiqui produced three documentary films, on the life and literary contribution of prominent English writer Ruskin Bond, for Sahitya Akademi. The remaining two films include:

  • The life of prominent Urdu poet Shahryar
  • The life of prominent Urdu novelist Qazi Abd-us-Sattar

Mr. Siddiqui has a tremendous experience in the field of broadcast journalism. He is widely regarded as journalist. His experience has made him perfectionist in this field. People, who know Urdu better, are fond of him. Mr. Siddiqui has accepted a job as an anchor and hosted a weekly talk show 'Hamaare Masaail' on ETV Urdu. The programme is one of the best Urdu programmes, which is seen by a number of audiences.

Mr. B Diwakar (Professor Film)
Mr. B Diwakar has a vast experience in the field of film, television and photography. He served as Director of Photography in approximately 34 feature films, a number of advertisement films and various documentaries. Mr. B Diwakar has served as copywriter, photographer and visualizer, in an Ad agency. After doing these kinds of works, he joined the FTII.

He taught cinematography at the Film and Television Institute of India in 1988 and then joined the AJK MCRC as a Reader, Cinematography, in 1989. He has produced and scripted many documentary films on different format. Mr. B Diwakar has designed and modified the course in Film Production. The course is implemented in various film and television institutes for approximately twenty years now.

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