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P.G. Diploma in Still Photography

Anwar Jamal Kidwai, Mass Communication Research Center offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Still Photography. The duration of the course is one year and it has total twenty seats. It is self-financed full-time diploma course in still photography.

The rapid growth of media has put remarkable pressure on media educational institutions to produce expert professionals in the field of still photography. The profession of still photography incorporates a huge area of the media industry from advertising to journalism. Still photography is going through the prosperous phase where one can ensure a better career option. In the age of globalization, there is demand for still photography. The emergence of new technology has produced the need of skilled professionals, for instance, the web-world is a biggest buyer of photographs.

There are a very few institutes, which provide students with quality education. Anwar Jamal Kidwai, Mass Communication Research Center is one of the few institutes that impart high standard education in still photography. Today, the advanced technology has made it easy to take pictures. A photographer can make an image as creative as he/she wants, by using software like photoshop.

AJK MCRC is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for teaching still photography. The institute provides students with advanced software to execute their practical exercises. The institute has realized the need to start a professional course in still photography. The aim of the institute is to produce creative photographers with technical skills.

The course in photography also aims at producing still photographers with sensitivity to visual media to serve many branches of still photography including:

  • Advertising Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Science and Research based Photography

The purpose of the course is to not only produce photographers but also make sensitive, thinking professionals in this field. The course assists students to become perfect photographers. The course is designed to provide ample information on photography.

Eligibility Criteria
Students need to have completed bachelors degree with at least 50 % marks for admission to the still photography course. The medium of instruction is English.

Admission Process
The entrance exam for admission will be held in Delhi on prescribed date. Students are required to qualify in the written test to appear for the interview. The written test aims at assessing student's talent in the field of visual media and general awareness.

AJK MCRC is one of the best institutions to carve a career in still photography. The institution organizes workshops and seminars where prominent working professionals are invited to interact with students. These working professionals share their experience in still photography. They help students to understand different types of photography. After completing the course, students can get into visual media with no difficulty.

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