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Visiting Faculty

Rakesh Andania
Rakesh Andania has been associated with documentary films for more than fifteen years. He worked as a director, producer with renowned channels and companies. Many of his films were nominated for the competition division at International Science Film Festival in Prague Czech Republic in 2004. Rakesh Andania directed a thirty-part series 'Hum Honge Kamyaab' for young scientists on challenges based on real life.

Pervez Rajan
Pervez Rajan is a freelance graphic designer. He graduated in applied arts from MS University Baroda. He worked as designer, visualizer and director with various graphic design company and advertising firms. His work includes communication solutions, which distributes information, enlighten, engage and entertain. Pervez Rajan's work encourages end audience to think, reflect and stimulate action.

Sahir Raza
Sahir Raza is widely regarded as a child prodigy for his photography. He worked comprehensively with HD, DV and Film cameras. He completed Masters in Film with a minor in Direction and major in Cinematography from (International Film Institute, Paris) EICAR.

Sohail Hashmi
Sohail Hashmi is acclaimed prolific travel writer and documentary filmmaker. He worked as a producer with Home TV, PTI TV. He also worked with Business India TV BiTV as an Executive Producer. Presently, he is working as a freelancer. There are various acclaimed documentaries he created of which nine documentaries are on pioneers of women's education, Shahjahanabad and four are one-hour episode on Urdu history.

Subhash Kapoor
Subhash Kapoor is a documentary filmmaker and journalist. He has an extensive experience of twelve years in the field of media. In 2007, Subhash made his debut film 'Say Salaam India'. Currently, he is working for his second feature film. He is also planning to write his first book. His previous documentary work consists of the award-winning 'Ramlila', which was screened at various film festivals across the globe. His other work includes 'History of Urdu Language', which was shown on Discovery Channel.

Zafar Agha
Zafar Agha is a veteran journalist based in Delhi. He worked more than thirty years with electronic and print media. He worked with prominent magazine such as Tehelka and India Today. Presently, he is working as a freelance journalist. He hosts TV programme Guftagu on ETV Urdu. This programme is widely seen and ranked as most watched Urdu programme on television. He is famously known for his free and frank reporting.

Dimple Kharbanda
Dimple Kharbanda is a creative professional. She has extensive experience in the field of advertising, television and films. She has more than twelve years of experience in a variety of programming, educational films and documentaries. She is well versed with formatting, conceptualizing and developing ideas into tangible reality in every form of TV programming.

Harsh Kapoor
Harsh Kapoor is a sociologist and France based independent media activist. He has been running the South Asia Citizens since 1996. He has more than twenty years of experience in electronic documentation, publication and information diffusion. Harsh Kapoor has been active media person for many years. He is widely regarded as one of the best media personalities.

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