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Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism

Anhad Institute of Media Studies (AIMS) offers Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism. The course duration is 12 months (full-time). Students aspiring for admission to this course must have a graduation degree from recognized university in any discipline.

The aim of this course is to produce expert professionals who serve requirements of the industry. AIMS students are given special training in journalism. Students are given hands-on exercises to enhance skills required for their respective profession. For students wishing to make a career in media, the course is a good option to learn fundamentals of journalism. The course helps students to accomplish excellence in journalism by means of extensive practical exercises. With the help of this course, students who are in any other discipline can move to mass media.

The course curriculum incorporates rigorous classroom training, practical teaching and assignments coping with all variations related to the profession of journalism. Upon completing the course, students are able to maximize employment opportunities to them. With the help of this course, students gain theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The course equips students with ample exposure to journalism where they get thorough insights of their work.

The course is well designed and modified to hone student's skills required for media industry. The course offers a spectrum of opportunities including:

  • Writing
  • Reporting
  • Broadcasting
  • Editing
  • Web casting news

Post Graduate Diploma in Documentary Film Production
Anhad Institute of Media Studies (AIMS) offers PG Diploma in Documentary Film Production. The course duration is 12 months. It is full-time diploma programme. Students intending to pursue this course need to have completed graduation degree in any discipline from a recognized university. Admissions are entirely based on student's performance in the interview.

The course lays importance on production, fiction/non-fiction discourses and practices as an area of innovative expression for socio-political change. The course seeks to redefine the documentary by discussing the notion of subjectivity and rebuilding the binaries of real/unreal, fiction/non-fiction, etc. The course helps students to develop professional and creative approach.

Students are given practical exercises in filmmaking and video production. The AIMS organizes workshops and seminars for students to maximize thorough insights towards students. Students are given classroom lectures, developmental, screenings of visual and conceptual communication skills.

Students are taught theory, history and contemporary practices of mass communication research and documentary film. Students are given practical exercises in lighting research, camera, sound recording, editing, scriptwriting and post-production. The course enables students to pursue careers in production houses, film and television industry.

The AIMS students are inspired to challenge the conventional style of documentary production by way of experimenting with content and form through innovative application of thoughts and ideas for social change. After completing the course, students get into the film and television industry easily.

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