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Lecture on Managing News Channels

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication organized lecture on managing news channels where the chief guests were Mr. G. Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer, TV Today Networks and G. Krishnan, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the TV Today Network Ltd, the broadcaster of Headlines Today and Aaj Tak.

These chief guests addressed students laying emphasis upon developing a professional approach to become successful in the field of mass communication. They discussed on the growth and future of media. Students were guided to pursue a successful career in media communication. They were given thorough understanding on the business of mass media.

The emergence of digital technology has broadened career opportunities to skilled professionals. The guests discussed on the media and job requirements of many television networks. In this session, students were allowed to ask questions. The session was concluded with active question and answer interaction between guests and students.

Another session was on 'Good versus Bad Advertising'. Mr. Sushobhan Mukherjee conducted this session. Mr. Mukherjee is Director, Strategic Planning, Publicis India. He conducted a two-day session where he guided students on Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising / Public Relations. Mr. Mukherjee discussed on various television commercials. There was an interactive session where students asked their questions, queries and discussed their problems.

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication also organized a special session on Sound Aesthetics. Prof. Vinod Kalra conducted the session. Prof. Kalra, Associate Professor, Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune delivered a speech on the use of music and sound effects in audio-visual communication. Here, students got to learn various aspects of music and sound effects.

Other Activities

News Reporting
News reporting is one of the important aspects in the realm of mass communication. Students are given practical exercises in news reporting to enhance their skills required to become successful news reporters. Students are asked to report outdoor events. In this exercise, students are encouraged to write events as it is written for newspapers/broadcast over television.

Students are offered internship programme. With the help of internship, students learn basics of news covering. They learn how to write/telecast news effectively. This exercise facilitates students to gain work experience. After completing this session, students are accustomed to the work culture and can accommodate them when they are assigned new task on the workplace.

Industry Assignments
Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication offers students an excellent opportunity to involve in industry projects. Various organizations, firms, production houses, etc. move towards the AIMC aspiring student's involvement in their respective projects. Here, students have a chance to develop their skills and learn more about industry work culture.

Advertising / PR / Event Management
AIMC undertake various projects for PR event management firms and advertising agencies comprising Relaunch of Navbharat Times, the event prepared by showbiz, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Wizcraft.

Project Works / Dissertations / Case Studies
AIMC students need to undertake projects, dissertations and case studies as it is a part of course curriculum. The internal and external experts assess and evaluate the projects.

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