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Film Festival

Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication organizes film festival with the intention of equipping students with a platform to demonstrate their skills. The last film festival was organized in February 2010. AIMC lays emphasis upon the importance of all round development of students. The institute not only provides students passive knowledge but also get them engaged by offering practical sessions. Film festival is one of those sessions.

In any educational institute, festivals are platforms to demonstrate student's skills. The film festival facilitates students to get positive feedback from audiences, which helps students to enhance their skill set. AIMC students have a spectrum of events where they can unfold their potentials. A programme in this film festival was presided over by Mr. Satish Kapoor. There was talk about uses of films as a medium to start discussion and dialogue for incorporation of physically challenged people in the society.

The film festivals consisted of approximately 32 documentaries. These documentaries were based on different misconceptions, myths, stereotypes and prejudices, which focused upon the disabled section of society. There were subjects ranging from types of disabilities, visual impairment to autism and cerebral palsy. The aim of this programme was to make society aware of physically challenged people's problems and help them for rehabilitation.

Ms Dilshad Master- Chief Executive Officer of Ikriti New Media was the chief guest of this programme. Dr. Ashok Ogra, Director of AIMC welcomed Ms Dilshad Master. Dr. Ashok Ogra inaugurated the function. The function had provided audiences a very reformative approach towards physically challenged people.

There was an investigative discussion upon the word 'Disabled'. However, 'impaired' and 'challenged' are with no trouble overlooked and intermixed. The word 'disabled' or 'disability' has negative connotations to refer deformity of someone. Therefore, impaired or challenged ought to be used instead. The discussion was concluded with view that the disability is in the mind of people who reckon mentally or physically challenged people less.

Therefore, the films were watched and examined with utmost concentration. It was an excellent opportunity for students to interact and learn from many directors and producers of short films. With the help of this programme, students were accustomed to the production of short films. Students participated in this programme enthusiastically.

The programme incorporated 32 documentaries, which were watched by students, faculties and other experts. It was a very nice session made possible by AIMC.

Most probably, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication is the only institute-offering spectrum of workshops, events, seminars, etc. to develop student's knowledge of management. Every student is paid special attention in the institute. They are engaged throughout the year in a number of activities. AIMC provides students all facilities in order to grow in their respective field.

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