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AIL - MI Room and Computer Lab

The Army Institute of Law has an MI Room. Since it's very important to be physically fit in student life, the law school provides students with well equipped MI Room. It's saying ‘Health is Wealth' and that's quite true in this respect. Every student has to exercise everyday. They have to keep themselves physically strong only then he/she will be able to concentrate on their study. To be able to concentrate on the target, students need to maintain their physique and mind. The first is important and the latter comes when first is at its best.

Health is one of the very essential criteria for students when it comes to stay away from their respective homes. The Army Institute of Law has taken the fact into consideration and as a result, MI Room came into existence. The MI Room is being supervised by a specialized and well-trained nursing assistant. This assistant may be either an ex-serviceman or serving AMC personnel. Besides casualty treatments, emergencies are instantaneously taken to the Fortis Multi-Specialty Hospital or Command Hospital as it depends upon the necessity.

Computer Lab

It's an era of cutting-edge technology and every educational institution has to introduce advanced technology to meet international standard of education. If these institutions do this, only then they will be in the main stream of education. The Army Institute of Law has computer lab. The lab is well equipped with all necessary things such as computers with internet connectivity, high quality furniture, comfortable chairs, and above all an expert guide.

It's very important for law students to be in touch with prominent lawyers by way of listening to them online. The computer lab serves the above said requirement. Students of AIL avail the facility of internet, they access international level legal issues, listen to the arguing between two prominent lawyers which will help them to hone their basic law skills. Since internet is one of the best resources, students utilize it to broaden their knowledge and skills of what they are expected to.

Since law is a dynamic subject, it's very necessary for every student to go through latest legal case. They should know the current scenario in the field of law. With the help of computer lab, students of AIL fulfill their all needs related to their respective field. Students can also access judicial interpretations, manupatra, law journals, etc. through e-library. AIL students are given every possible facility to enhance their basic law skills such as arguing, debating and so forth.

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