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AIL - Hostel

The Army Institute of Law is a residential institute. It provides a well-built and furnished hostel. The hostel comprises all necessary things. The law school has two separate hostels for girls and boys. It has spacious rooms equipped with all comforts. both The hostels are supervised by warden. If there is no warden to supervise then the CRS or the College Representative takes charge of supervising. Students feel at home here. Because of This, they are able to concentrate on their study.

The AIL hostels have a capacity of holding approximately 300 students. Each room accommodates two students. However, since it's very important for students to concentrate on their study in 7th and 10th semester, the law school allotted a room for single student. Further, adding facility to the hostel, students are provided with an intercom facility on each floor of both hostels. The facility has been provided with the purpose to contact the concerned person such as warden, lecturers, nursing assistant, etc whenever students require them. The parents of wards can also avail the intercom facility by dialing official college number, the requisite extension number and then talk to their wards. In addition, students who don't afford to buy mobile phone, the hostel facilitates them by making available Connect Phone.

The above said connect phone cards can be availed by paying the denomination of Rs 50 and 100. It can be collected from the warden on payment. The hostel provides ample water supply through the day and night. It also has a generator for electrical power supply in emergency. The classroom, office common room and mess are connected to the generator. It is multi-storied hostel; still care is taken with regards to drinking water. It has been provided on each floor in form of water coolers with purifiers like Aqua Guard.

Since it's an era of globalization and students have to be in touch with global scenario in their respective field, the law school has allowed student to have:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop Computers
  • Printers

The AIL students use it to do extensive research and assignments that they are needed to do in their programme. Online research is immensely valued in any kind of learning process. To take the fact into consideration, the institute will be launching WI-FI internet system soon. The system will facilitate students to access internet anywhere in the campus.

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