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AIL - Gymnasium and Bank Counter

The Army Institute of Law has a well built gymnasium. It's true that if students are healthy then they can study hard or study with no difficulty for that matter. That is why every student ought to give primary concern to their health. Nowadays, lifestyle has become very fast and people have been living on fast food which may result in obesity. The law school puts emphasis on physical exercise to help students from such kind of problems.

AIL has built gym with the purpose of providing facility to students to be fit. Since it's mandatory for each student to exercise everyday or else, they will have to give justifiable reason as to why they did not join the gym. The Army Institute of Law provides well equipped gym which has equipments including:

  • Treadmills
  • Free Weights
  • Stationary Cycles
  • Bench Press
  • Multi Gym

The law school provides all necessary utensils to keep the gym well equipped with. The advanced equipments in the gym fascinate students to do exercise daily. As a final point, the law school gymnasium is something where students get attracted to and the most important thing is that the attraction lasts till they finished their academics.

Bank Counter

The Army Institute of Law has bank facility too. The institute has an association with UTI Bank in order to provide students with banking facilities which allows them to carry out his/her money transactions in an easy way. Students have to learn how to manage their financial state during their schooling. There are representatives of the bank who visit the law school on every working day where students can make money transaction and deposition as per their requirements. The law school is looking forward to having an ATM facility in its premises soon. However, there is an ATM machine in a close proximity of the college from where students can withdraw money. Besides usual banking schedule, the bank representatives also collect the fee of students. This helps students to save their important time.

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