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AIL - Extra-Curricular Activities

As far as all round development of students is concerned, only bookish knowledge is not enough. Then what do students need to be given? Certainly, they need to participate in extra-curricular activities. These activities are performed by students outside the dominion of the normal curriculum of a school/university education. The Army Institute of Law has opened an arena of extra-curricular activities for its students.

The law institute puts emphasis on all development of the personality of its students. Students of AIL are encouraged by way of becoming members of:

  • Fine Arts Society
  • Debating Society
  • Literary Society
  • Quiz Association
  • Moot Court Society
  • Cultural Association

Each of the above activities is designed with the view of honing students' essential law skills such as debating, arguing and so on. Students also participate in every activity enthusiastically.

The Army Institute of Law has established the Career Counseling and Placement Cell. It originated to assist students for better employment at renowned law firms in India and abroad too. The one more purpose behind establishing the cell is to familiarize students with work environment and culture. The cell provides practical training to the nascent professionals in legal work in commercial corporate establishments, courts, lawyer's chambers, prosecution departments, and so forth.

The objective of Army Institute of Law is to be a center of excellence in the realm of legal education by means of implementing advanced teaching and training modus operandi. The law school aims at imparting excellence legal education and to build the overall personality of students. AIL boasts that its competent graduates are able to get hold good opportunities in the profession of law. Students of the law school are able to pursue career at Civil Services, Bar, Judicial Services, Defense Services, National and International Firms, etc.

The Army Institute of Law has been at its best in the law few years. The law school has grabbed various academic records which led it to be one of the best institutions in imparting legal education in India. That is why students from across the country come to enroll for various courses in legal education. This fact shows that AIL is most preferred law school in India.

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