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GRE Verbal Section

GRE » GRE Syllabus » GRE Verbal Section

The GRE Verbal section comprises about 6 Sentence Completion questions, 7 Analogy questions, 8 Reading Comprehension questions and 9 Antonym questions. You will have 30 minutes to answer these 30 questions. Please remember as GRE is a computer adaptive test, you will not be allowed to skip a question or come back to the previous question. Take a lot of care before you mark an answer.

GRE Sentence Completion Questions
Each GRE sample sentence compltion question below has one or two blanks. Each blank shows that something has been omitted. Under each GRE sample sentence completion question five words are given as choice. Choose the one correct word for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentences as a whole.
GRE Sample Sentence Completions Questions

GRE Analogy Questions
Each of the GRE sample analogy questions below consists of two words that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by five lettered pairs of related words. Select the lettered pair of words.
GRE Sample Analogy Questions

GRE Reading Comprehension Questions
Each reading passage in this section is followed by questions based on the content of the reading passage. Read the passage carefully and chose the best answer to each question. The questions are to be answered on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage.
GRE Sample Reading Comprehension Questions

GRE Antonyms Questions
Each of the GRE sample antonyms questions consists of a word followed by five words or phrase as choices. Choose the word or phrase which is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capitals and shade the alphabets marked in the grid on your answer sheet.

GRE Sample Antonyms Questions

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