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GMAT : Preparation Books

GMAT » Books for GMAT Preparation.

GMAT : Preparation Books

  1. The Official Guide for GMAT (ETS)
    Rating: * * * * *

    This book, designed and written by ETS, has more than 1000 GMAT preparation questions. Many of these questions have already appeared on the GMAT, and modified versions may still be in the ETS question pool for GMAT. So this guide can prove to be an invaluable resource for all test takers. However, this book is is not adequate if you need to brush up on the concepts as it does not have many lessons or tutorials. Each question is solved and has a detailed explanation

  2. The Unofficial Guide for GMAT (Arco's)
    Rating: * * * *

    The Arco's Unofficial guide features five full length practice tests, in addition to a diagnostic test. It has some additional practice questions in the quantitative section. It relies on a series of "tips" and "strategies" to bolster your preparation, though does not delve into theoretical topics or concepts too much. Handy if you already have a strong foundation in the basic GMAT topics.

  3. The Princeton Review CD for GMAT preparation
    Rating: * * * *

    The Princeton CD offers three full length tests on the computer, in addition to practice exercises on all the sections of the GMAT. It creates a study plan for you based on how much time you have to prepare. The standard of questions is good, especially in the Quantitative sections. It also has some good tips for sentence correction questions.

  4. The Barron's Guide for GMAT
    Rating: * * *

    The Barron's Guide has been around for a long time now, but has not been able to leverage on its long-standing stature. It has a lot of practice questions, but does not measure up if you are looking for a high score on the GMAT. It is particularly weak in the Quantitative Section.

  5. The Kaplan GMAT Guide and CD
    Rating: * * * *

    The Kaplan preparation material is ideally suited for high achievers, with a tough pool of questions in both verbal and quantitative sections. Its lessons, however, seem to be too simplistic, particularly in the CD. The CD has three full-length computerized tests and practice questions in all the sections. It is recommended that you take the practice tests on this CD well before you take the actual test, as the scores you get on this CD tend to underestimate your actual potential.

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