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Geologists Examination : Physical Eligibility

Physical Eligibility :

  1. For being considered against the vacancies reserved for them, the physically disabled person should have disability of Forty per cent (40%) or more. However, such candidates shall be required to meet one or more of the following physical requirements/abilities which may be necessary for performing the duties in the concerned Services/Posts:-

    1Work performed by manipulating (with Fingers)
    2Work performed by pulling and pushing
    3Work performed by lifting
    4Work performed by kneeling and crouching
    5Work performed by bending
    6Work performed by sitting (on bench or chair)
    7Work performed by standing
    8Work performed by walking
    9Work performed by seeing
    10Work performed by hearing/speaking
    11Work performed by reading and writing

  2. The functional classification in their case shall be, one or more of the following, consistent with the requirement of the concerned Services/Posts:

    1both legs affected but not arms.
    2both arms affecteda. impaired reach.
    b. weakness of grip.
    3both legs and both arms affected
    4one leg affected (R or L)a. impaired reach.
    b. weakness of grip.
    c. ataxic.
    5one arm affected (R or L)a. impaired reach.
    b. weakness of grip.
    c. ataxic.
    6stiff back and hips (cannot sit or stoop)
    7muscular weakness and limited physical endurance
    8the blind
    9partially blind
    10the deaf
    11partially deaf
    12one leg and partial arm affected

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