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Tips for Choosing a School

Students always want to have their basics correct and intact. As you must know, the basic place where the students as children learn about the same attributes that helps them achieve heights in their lives is none other than their schools. You choose a wrong Alma meter and chances of you becoming a polished individual diminish like anything.

Thus, in order to be presently pitted against the synchronization of the current timings, one need to enroll in a good school, which imparts in them quality education embedded with the reality and morality of life, making their students well versed individuals when they turn adolescent.

So, realizing the importance of choosing a school and not only a school but a good one, we take this space to enlighten you on tips for choosing schools.

What is meant by a School?

A school is an institute which is in existence to provide basic education to the pupils under the supervision of teachers. Most of the countries, including India have system of formal education. Students progress through different set of schools like primary schools, secondary schools, higher secondary schools until the 12th standard classes.

What is meant by a Good School and How to choose it?

Alma mater is surely a vital part in a childs life. The expense on education is an investment. Apart from academic achievements, the school also hones the personality of the child. The teacher-student bond is special and stays for years. Choosing a good school for a child is imperative so that the childs gets the best in education and extra curricular activities.

The usual pattern of finding a school is about choosing one among the vicinity or a decent distance. The procedure of selection from the schools point is more about personal interview of parents where the school authorities screen parents to find about the background of the child.

Each child is different and the prevalent system of gauging the childs IQ is no longer valid. In a few schools, kids are allowed to interact with toys/books/educative games and a general selection is made. It is important for parents to cooperate during the session and also place their queries in the orientation program.

The typical things before choosing a school seem to be the bus facility, faculty and more importantly the curriculum. The board also is essential as a criterion like SSC, ICSE, CBSE or the new entrant which is IGCSE. The IB board is a personal choice suited to affordable classes. Whatever the medium, the fees also seem to be an important factor is making a choice. Other queries can be about coaching tutorials, sports facilities and other cultural participation in context with the Indian scene.

A child automatically adjusts to a routine and bus service in a months time. It is necessary for parents to cooperate with the authorities at all time. Placing the concern/feedback/suggestion can be done during the open house days or a special meeting can be arranged with the class teacher. While choosing a school the parents must also make a general enquiry about facilities, field trips, curricular feats and what kind of contribution is required from the parents.

Tips for choosing a School in India

  • Characteristics of a Child:

    Parents usually think in India that what kind of attributes or traits or personality their children possess. Does the child require any special attention to let him become polished individual? Once these apprehensions are set across, the next move the parents basically adhere to is the finding of a school in their vicinity matching with the attributes of the child.

    For example, the child may be good at learning the best when in a small group rather than being in a large one, then the parents would to make sure they fringe out a school like the same matching with the requirements of the child.

  • Family Characteristics:

    India is a country of values and likewise people too wants their off springs to learn the same and carry forward their values to the next generations. Thus, while choosing schools in India, parents try to find out a school that also is the true representative of the values a family is carrying.

    While choosing a neighborhood school can be on the mind of the parents, it would be best if they are able to find a religious school.

  • School Characteristics:

    Parents prefers checking with the concerned schools with their mission statements and also do a proper check on the values and beliefs they carry in their brochures and if they really follow them,

    • Teaching Methods - Parents in India schools also try to figure out the different kinds of operational strategies they have for teaching students. Asking about the average class strength is another crucial tip.

    • School Facilities and Resources - Parents always look out for and shall see if the school has equipments to keep the students co-curricular activities in tandem. Facilities like laboratory, library, sports facilities, etc form the list of facilities.

    • Syllabus - Parents shall also see if the curriculum intended for a class is in adherence with the nourishment of the child.

    • Safety - Upon increasing incidents of school accidents, it should be at the helm of the parents to check on the various paradigms of safety of their wards.

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